Quartz Kitchen Worktop Solutions Note the use of colour with the Silestone Magenta Energy back splashes 

Quartz is the second most abundant material in the Earth's continental crust after feldspar. With the addition of some colour and adhesive it has been used to create a superb worksurface material available in a huge variety of colours and finishes. You can see many of these on the Partners and Useful Links page 
Advantages of quartz 
Far more durable & heat resistant than granite Quartz is 100% non porous, so it’s almost impossible to stain.  
Quartz is suitable for use in a kosher kitchen due to it’s non porous properties.  
Available in an almost unlimited choice of colours & finishes.  
Quartz never has to be sealed like granite.  
Quartz can sometimes be a little bit cheaper to buy than granite. 
Disadvantages of quartz 
Quartz is not 100% natural like granite. 
Perceived by some people as being characterless due to the consistency of markings. 
Unlike granite there’s no point in choosing your exact slab as all slabs will look identical. 
Can vary in quality dependent on the brand chosen. 
Quartz Kitchen Worktop Solutions

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Quartz Kitchen Worktop Solutions
Quartz Worktop Solutions Essex
Quartz Kitchen Worktop Solutions
Quartz Worktop Chelmsford
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Quartz Kitchen Worktops Essex
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